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I thought I had this on my dA but guess I didn't-- so here it is. I might edit and add more details in the future

(All characters are in the Ragnarok Online universe)

Main characters:

1. Huuxera Rain-Altwaltz
Female, 26 years old, Wizard. Married, has four adopted children. Born in Comodo, living in Prontera.

2. Ryoga Vendaar
Male, 33 years old, High Wizard. Married, has an adopted daughter. Living in Aldebaran. Huuxera's ex-teacher, close friend and unrequited love interest in the past.

3. (Granny) Venus Pearl
Female, 74 years old, Sniper. Widow/divorced, had four husbands. Born in Comodo. Owns a crow instead of a falcon, named Bubo. Huuxera's grandmother.

4. Keal Laguna Lessa
Male, 19 years old, Stalker. Single. Born in Morroc, living in Rachel. Randomly has a personality switch when sleeping and his evil personality, Kael comes forth for a longer or shorter time. A fan of Huuxera and her late father.

5. Nefrit Altwaltz
Male, 9 years old, Swordsman. Oldest adopted son of Huuxera and her husband.

6. Rammian Altwaltz
Male, 6 years old, Archer. Has a "twin" sister, Saskia.

7. Saskia Altwaltz
Female, 6 years old, Archer. "Twin" sister of Rammian, a few hours older than him.

8. Shiva Altwaltz
Female, 3 years old, Baby novice. Youngest child of Huuxera and her husband Taro.

9. Sumiko Vendaar
Female, 7 years old, Baby novice. Adopted daughter of Ryoga and his wife Hazuki.

Important side characters:

10. Scolacissa (Cissa) Leonardi
Female, 30 years old, Sniper. Ryoga's last girlfriend before he met his wife, their relationship lasted 1 week. Living in Lighthalzen, working as an investigator. Doing her best to get Ryoga back. Sometimes has "fun" with Kael.

11. Zehura Norn Rain
Huuxera's father. Deceased at age 35. Bard, owned a rock band. Born and lived in Prontera.

12. Yousei Pearl
Huuxera's mother. Deceased at age 25. Alchemist. Born in Comodo, lived in Prontera.

13. Katalin Vendaar
Female, 52 years old, Sorceress. Ryoga's mother. Born in Aldebaran, living in Lutie.

14. Ivor Zeif
Male, 51 years old, Mechanic. Ryoga's father. Born in Moscovia, living in Lutie. Living together but not married to Ryoga's mother.

Other side characters:

15. Ella Cross
Female, Paladin, deceased at age 20. Keal's first girlfriend and fiancé. She committed suicide after Kael raped her and made her pregnant. Lived in Payon.

16. Stellar Tilner
Female, 44 years old, Warlock. Ryoga's first "girlfriend", their relationship lasted 5 days. Lives in Geffen with her son Zerin.

17. Shinade Hiro
Female, 30 years old, Scholar. Ryoga's second girlfriend, their relationship lasted 2 months and ended when he found out that it was based on lies. Living in Amatsu.

18. Sion Steel
Female, 27 years old, Whitesmith. Had a short affair with Ryoga 2 times. She was the one who took Kael's virginity and regularly meeting him ever since then. Living in Geffen.

19. Haru Sugita
Male, 31 years old, Whitesmith. "Play" partner of Sion, Kael and Cissa. Living in Geffen.

20. Natsu Sugita
Male, 31 years old, Stalker. Twin brother of Haru. A mysterious guy, love interest of Isra. Dislikes his younger brother.

21. Isra Ivanov
Female, 27 years old, Assassin. Works as a field teacher for newbie assassins. Granddaughter or Ryoga's ex-colleague Katya and also a good friend/far relative of him. Lives in Moscovia.

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