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:bulletorange:Ryoga: *half closing his eyes, looks around.. they don't seem to be really impressed.. so he hugs her close with his free arm and opens his mouth, pretending it to be a deep kiss ~~ *

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *pulls away from the "kiss" and puts her hands on her cheeks as if she is shy*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *draws her hand from her face* Don't hide your beautiful face, my love... *looks at the bartender* So you really willing to help us? I can't wait to embrace this butterfly.

Bartender: Hmm... *looks from Ryoga to Feyrin and grins heartily* Looks like you two are close enough. Why not forget about the key and sign up for marriage?

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *grins* You know, we are already married... but in another religion..... *sweats*

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *glances at Ryoga, then stares at the bartender. A grin creeps across her face and her expression becomes dark* Bartender, sir... I'm afraid you don't understand your position here. I've decided that I'm no longer going to wait for you to tell me where the key is. If you don't spill the location in 10 seconds I'll reduce this bar to ashes. *she holds up her left hand and a flame engulfs it* It's your choice, sir bartender~

*the bartender stepped back a few steps, holding up his hands* Okay, okay.... Looks like you two really want to get those cuffs down right now... I can understand... ahahaha... Well, you can find the keys *insert 3 diff locations here *, actually there is only 3 different kinds of handcuffs..... but please, not a word about that I told it.... I wish you a long, happy marriage...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *leans close to Feyrin like if he kissed her neck but whispers in her ears* Hmm, so you just wanted to kiss me after all?...

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *she laughs and whispers back* I simply wanted to avoid the violent course of action. I've learned that sometimes passive action has it's merits. It seems like I was wrong in this case, though.

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Anyway, I must admit that you did well. *smiles and winks at her* Shall we?

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *smiles and flips her hair behind her shoulder with her hand* Yes. Let us go. After all, the bartender so kindly gave us that information. We shouldn't let his generosity go to waste~

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *grabs Feyrin's hand that's cuffed to his, then goes outside with her. Looks around, observing the three spots the bartender mentioned. They already searched one when they found a key that didn't work. At the other spot he noticed Hazu and Sen, they looked like they're having fun. He pinched his lip and pointed to the 3rd spot.* How about trying that?

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *smiles slyly at Ryoga* If you want to try there first, be my guest.

:bulletorange:Ryoga: So you leave it to me? Fine... let's go then! *as they reached the marked spot, he kneeled down with her, searching through the sand with his hands. Soon he really did find a key, holding it up like the holy grail, trying it in the lock.... it didn't work..... He sighed deeply, then looked at the third possible spot.* Seriously... why?.... *he mumbled, then stood up, holding Feyrin's hand to help her up, and put the second key in his pocket too.

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *silently follows, knowing full well why he's reluctant to go to other area*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *thinking of waiting until they go away from that spot, instead of going there, he starts walking to the ice cream stand* Uhh.... do you like ice cream? How about having one?...

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *raises an eyebrow at Ryoga* You really are conflicted about those two, aren't you... I'll happily take your offer though~


:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ...Mhmm no idea.. time to try it out and find out.. *Takes the key out off the bucket, holding up the cuffs, trying to see if the key works.* ...Guess it doesn't work... ...but at still we found one..? haha... *faint smile*


:bulletorange:Ryoga: *sighs* Yeah... it seems, I am... How stupid of me. Though I really shouldn't care... *lets Feyrin choose at first, then he gets some dark chocolate for himself. Merged in his thoughts, he's watching them, noticing they found a key.* Ah--- *he saw that it didn't work. It could be the one that opens their handcuffs! And also, he has two keys in his pocket which could open theirs...* They have our key. Let's go?

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *got herself a sherbert icecream* Yes, let's get going. Having a handcuff on is rather inconvenient after all~


:bulletorange:Ryoga: *arriving to them, he stands covering the sun, but his cold stare was clearly visible as he held out his hand.* I'm sorry to disturb you, but I saw you found a key... Can I try if it works with our handcuffs please?

:bulletblack:Sen: *Looking up at the silhouette* Tch-- It's you again... you'll forgive me for the forced kick but the intrusion was unnecessary as well, my friend.

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Of course, no hard feelings, my friend. *the tone of his voice was in contrast to what he said* Also forgive me for the intrusion, the sun made me a bit hot-headed.

:bulletblack:Sen: I was referring to the severe room intrusion, however the sun wasn't catching my attention at this time...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: .... ......... *staring at Feyrin near Ryoga*

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *staring at Ryoga and Sen, unamused* Will you two... please get to the point.

:bulletblack:Sen: *Glancing between the both of them* You will forgive me as well if I'm not trying to enjoy this as a lovely vacation to make up for several near-death experiences. So far I've had a blast, why haven't you two tried to make the best of it? Life is short as it is.

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *glances at Ryoga before returning her gaze at Sen* Some people don't share your views, I'm afraid. In any case, I'm sure my partner here would like to have his hands free and I'm supplementing his needs.

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *grins to Feyrin* Thank you, my precious mermaid. *glares at Sen with even colder eyes* Your vacation I see? And did you have to drag Hazuki with you as well?... I didn't see you tried your best to free yourself... *with this he practically admitted that he was looking at them the whole day*

:bulletblack:Sen: I'm sorry...? Do you have eyes around here as well *Searching the Horizon* But Miss Hazuki seemed to have fun, I didn't drag her along, it was mutual you see. Since we were cuffed we tried to make the best of it rather than treating it as a miserable feat, see? *Raises handcuffs in pride*

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ....Haha.. ha... *start misunderstanding thing between Ryoga and Feyrin* ..I see.. supplementing his needs... haha.. *looked at Sen, smiling* Please hold onto that key real tightly and get ready to run~ *looking back at Feyrin and Ryoga with a smile* Meteor Sand Assult! *hit the ground making the sand splash up, as she started running pulling Sen with her, with the key*

:bulletblack:Sen: *Dashing away with Hazuki while kicking up sand* Run, Run far away~ *Holding the key tightly*

:bulletblue:Feyrin: ...... *covered in sand. She turns to look at Ryoga* Why do you like her, again?

:bulletorange:Ryoga: ... ...I wish to know that too.... But- *wipes off the sand from her face*- I guess this means war... Ready to have a bit fun? *meaning they should work together to stop them* .... Quagmire!

:bulletblack:Sen: Hazuki. Get ready for this: Ignition... BREAK! *Slams fist into the sand, creating a hard stone wall between them and the other couple* NOW RUN!

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *Running with Sen* Haha.. that should stop them for a while... I won't let them have this key..

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *she grins mischievously* Ho~ War, is it? This will be fun~ *starts casting in the area Sen and Hazuki are running to* Extreme vacuum!

:bulletblack:Sen: They'll have to kill me first... before they get that key... *Pants and holds his fist in pain* Ngh... it hurts much more without a sword...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Ahah, not bad... it's fun to have a sorceress beside me, after all.... *hurrying to catch up* Ice Wall! *casting multiple walls to trap them in*

:bulletblack:Sen: Grrr... You're really starting to PISS ME OFF! Hazuki, On me! *Rushing to the duo and kicking them in the chest again with lightning speed* Eat.... THIS! *CRASH! Sounds of kicking can be heard* Now quickly, Cloak and escape! You will have to KILL ME UNTIL I DIE for this key!

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: Haha.. first this-- *Suddenly grab 2 aster* Aster throw!! *Tosses it at Feyrin and Ryoga's faces to halt them from casting for a while, then cloak doing what Sen said*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Goddamit.... *tosses the Aster from his face, then, dragging Feyrin after, he runs after them* Kill you?! ... Well if that's what you wish for!! *casting sight quickly to uncloak her, then stands right behind Sen with a deadly grin on his face, grabbing him with his arm at his throat* ..... Stone Curse!

:bulletblack:Sen: *Grins* You know better... *Kicks Ryoga off* Than to attack a trained fighter! *Rushing at Ryoga* Charge Attack, Bowling Bash! Ignition... BREAK! *Colliding the ground around Ryoga and Feyrin, creating a pit that would trap the couple for a while* Finally... Phantom... Thrust! *Grabs a stick and points to Hazuki, quickly returning to her*

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: Ryo-- *pinched her lips, was really worried about him... just kept running with Sen*

:bulletblack:Sen: *Running with Hazuki and holding his fist in pain* That... was a little too much for me... *Pants*

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *squeezes aster so hard it dies and tosses it aside* Is all you can do petty tricks? *uses Spider Web on Sen so he can't move for a few seconds* Now to get out of here...

:bulletblack:Sen: IGNITION BREAK! *Using the fire of the Ignition to break free of the spider web, continuing to rush with Hazuki* They're... relentless... But I won't let them have it!

:bulletorange:Ryoga: ..... Now I'm really pissed.... STORM GUST!! *controlling the wind to lift them out of the pit, he then casts fire walls in front of them. With this he was able to distract them until they could reach them.* GRAVITATION FIELD!! *trapping them in the field, he looks at Sen angrily.* .... Well at first I truly wished to rather be stabbed in my back a thousand times than to spend my day handcuffed to a sorceress.. but it turned out to be quite fun actually... if I weren't that full of prejudice at first, it could've been a really enjoyable date. And I also promised her to make up for it later... Now all I ask for is the key. *avoiding to look at Hazu*

:bulletblack:Sen: You want this key? *Grins, grabs the key and swallows it* Now you'll REALLY HAVE TO KILL ME FOR THIS KEY, YOU HEAR ME?!

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *sighs* You guys are all about drama, aren't you?

:bulletblack:Sen: *Coughs out blood* Eugh... Not such a good idea... But I'd rather die before you lay a finger on this young woman.

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Lay a fi--- I didn't want to.... .... damn.... *gets his Vitata clip* ...Heal! Are you crazy?! You can have your goddamn key then...

:bulletblack:Sen: *Hands and knees on ground coughing up more blood* I don't think... my battle wounds healed... quite yet *Cough cough HAAACK*

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *was shocked he did that* SEN!!  *Sees blood*  Why did you do that--?!

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *stares at Sen* ... Did you really think eating a key would be a good idea? It's hardly healthy...

:bulletblack:Sen: Heh.. eating a key is nothing... *COUGH* ...compared to the battles I've... endured *HAACK* Heheh... you looked like you wanted... this key badly...

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *sighs* Must I do everything? *casts warmer on the area Sen is at*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Just admit that you're a mazochist... I ***ing don't care anymore... You seem to be enjoying yourselves, so just go and get married already... *takes Feyrin's hand and turns around* Come, let's search for another key then.

:bulletblack:Sen: Masochist...? Takes one to know one *Chuckles lightly* Heheheh.... *COUGH*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *heard what he said but tried to control himself not to go back and pay back for all his damaged ribs. Then he sighed and turned to Feyrin, whispering her* .... He may need help after all.... How about asking a staff member to help him?..

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *shakes her head at Sen and Hazuki and goes with Ryoga* All of you are such drama queens...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *going back to the spot where their key might be, he desprately started digging through the sand, with a strange expression on his face. He soon found a key, sighed and put in the lock. It worked. Finally having their hands free, he leaned backward with a deep sigh, looking up to the even darker sky.* I'm so pathetic... Laugh at me if you want...

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *rubs her wrist where the handcuff was and laughs at Ryoga. She then abruptly stops laughing* There, feel better now? *she casts another warmer on Ryoga* You should rest too. You got pretty beat up back there.

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *sits up, cross-legged, and slightly smiles on her* Laughing at me then healing me? You're kinda confusing. But thanks anyway, it feels better now. *notices the first stars on the darker parts of the sky* Looks like we don't have much time to have a decent date today...

:bulletblue:Feyrin: I never said I was easy to read, now, did I? *she laughs again to herself* Well, you don't have to worry about the date. Today was interesting in itself. Heheh~ the more intriguing the better~ *she smiles and twirls her hair with her finger*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *looking at them, seeing they start walking somewhere* No way... are they really going to get married?..... *he wanted to jump up, but then just sighed and leaned back in the sand* Then what... Just do it then... *his arm covering his eyes, he asks* Is there anything you want to try?

:bulletblue:Feyrin: ... Try? *she looks up at the starry sky silently* ... *starts twirling fire about in the air above playfully* Hmm... I wonder.

:bulletorange:Ryoga: You said you're here for the experience. So if there's still anything you want to do, just tell me. It's getting dark so we don't have much time left... well, only if you don't want to come to another date with me. *laughs*

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *flicks her finger and the fire streaks off into the sky in the shape of a bird* Is that an offer you're making?

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Want me to make it an offer maybe?

:bulletblue:Feyrin: *grins* If you want~

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *sits up again, then lifts a water ball from the sea, forming a bird shape also, letting it dance around the fire bird* Who knows. I still need to be convinced about that sage classes aren't all stuck up...

:bulletblue:Feyrin: Heheh, I guess I haven't convinced you yet?

:bulletorange:Ryoga: I may need some more research in this topic... *stands up and helps her up too* Thanks for bearing with me today, it was an interesting experience for me too. I won't mind having an ice cream with you again, but not on the honeymoon island, and possibly not handcuffed... and also, if you ever need some book you can't find, just come to my house in Aldebaran.

:bulletblue:Feyrin: Don't worry about it, it was a nice change of pace. Who knows~ Maybe I'll take up your offer or stop by to borrow a book or two. *she makes a strange expression and mumbles* I'll just have to find a way to shake off some of those rabid stalkers I have...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Hmm, so you have an eventful life? Stalkers of love, maybe? *smiles a bit* Maybe I can even understand them a bit, since you're really pretty... *wanted to add "...for a kid", but didn't. He searched for Hazu and Sen with his eyes again, noticing them all lovey-dovey on the bench, he sighs* Well, if you don't mind.. I will call this a day now. Thank you for today. But now forgive me... I still have something I have to do. *looking back at them again*

:bulletblue:Feyrin: Eventful... I suppose. Heheh. Well, I know you have business to attend to so go ahead. I will take me leave here. *she walks away, waving slightly to Ryoga as she goes*


:bulletorange:Ryoga: *gets himself wawing back to Feyrin, then lowers his hand immediately* What the hell am I doing?.... *looking back at the lovey-dovey couple, pinches his lips then gets the keys from his pocket. He walks to them, grabs Hazuki's hand and slips the keys in it.* Try these. One of them should work. *glaring at Sen* In case you thought I'd let you come home with him cuffed to your hand...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ... ....*look at the key, then him* ...Hey Ryoga.... ....So where did your lovely date go..?  *Trying out the key he gave, and one of them worked freeing them* ...And thank you for the key.. .... *poke Sen's forehead lightly* It seems.. the chances of finding the keys are high afterall..

:bulletblack:Sen: *Grins and stares at the stars* Seems like fortune smiles down on us, after all...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: My lovely date is probably changing to her regular clothes currently... which I'm just about to do too. I wish you to have fun then. *turning around to go change back*

:bulletblack:Sen: *In a calm tone* I'm more surprised he didn't try to kill me or grab my throat to attempt another curse on me... *Sighs* What an eventful day...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *turning back, staring at him* As surprised I am that you didn't want to land a kick on my ribs again... although, now that you're free, you could do it anytime....

:bulletblack:Sen: The point was to incapacitate you, not to kill you. I don't kill unless highly necessary... *chuckles lightly and coughs* I found it to be a fun sparring match despite my weakened state and with no equipment, what a challenge...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *coughs slightly* Thank you for the keys again Ryoga.. *coughs a bit again* and Sen... shall I bring you back home..? I'm sure Rein misses you.. and you should be able to get a better rest there...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *to Sen, on a bit lower voice* ... I can understand that you tried to protect your time with her... *looks at her* How about letting me help him get home? You don't seem to be well yourself...

:bulletblack:Sen: How about... *Pulls them both closer* We all three get each other home? *heartily chuckles and coughs* Sounds fair... to all of us...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: It's actually a crazy idea... We take you home together with Hazu, since you're in the worst condition... then I'll take her home... fine?

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ...*coughs slightly, nodding her head a bit* ..Have to help bring Sen home first...

Sen: Heh... heheh... *Coughs* Fair enough... though the girl's tougher than she looks... Ahh... can one of you wash out my blood-stained pajamas for me as well...? *Jokingly chuckles*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *feels a bit bad about Sen's condition* I can try, but I can't promise it won't be pink at the end...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ...Haha.. Its fine Ryoga.. I can still wash it for Sen.. afterall I started this...which resulted the blood-stain

:bulletblack:Sen: Just uh... No bleach? I like my angelings being colorful~ *Humming happily*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *has Sen's arms around his shoulder so he can lift him up* Sorry for today. But actually, it was fun fighing you. We could have a rematch in an arena when you get well. Where are you living anyway?

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *Hesitant for a sec because its at Prontera* ... *Has Sen's other arm around her shoulder helping Ryoga out* ...

:bulletblack:Sen: It's a bit of a distance, I apologize in advance, heh... poor Rein must be lonely by now, I feel bad leaving that poor girl alone...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *raises a brow* Rein?... *thinks she's his girlfriend*

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *coughs slightly* I'm sure you'll make it up for her... and will be really happy to see you.. although a bit worried.. with your current condition..

:bulletblack:Sen: She's all alone in that chivalry waiting for me to come home, luckily the other knights are watching over her but I can bet she's anxiously waiting... *Humming happily again* At least your arm is free now, Miss Hazuki?

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ...Mhmm... my arm is fine.. its your arm that must be fully checked over when you get there.. and.. I told you... its fine to just call me Hazuki... although it seems your more comfortable with that.. so I guess its fine..

:bulletblack:Sen: Mannerisms. They are indeed hard to debate with at times but we all had fun at least... though I will have a feast for kings once I recover. I cannot express how hungry I am after this ordeal~

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *arriving to the Chivalry* I guess we should go eat out when you recover. My treat. I'll try to make it up for anything I caused. *although he just didn't want to give him chance to ask out Hazuki again~ *

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: I hope for your quick recovery then..

:bulletblack:Sen: *Stumbling inside lightly shouting* Rein, Reeeiiiinnn~ Sen's home, you can come nowww~ Sleepy sleepy....

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ... ....Is it fine to let him go in alone...? I should.. check if he's really ok.. *slightly cough, walking in*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *grabs her wrist and stops her with a cold voice* Just a second... I'll go with you to check on him.

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ....? *Looks at Ryoga* ...If you wish.. *goes inside with him*

:bulletblack:Sen: *Being heard from inside behind a door* Reeeiinn~ *cough* How's my favorite girl~ I missed you too, did you miss me? Aww... That's my girl! The blood? N-no It was just a scratch, promise~ Urrghh.. I really should change *cough* my bandages...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *stops for a second* I'm not sure we should disturb...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ... ... *stares at him* ....?

:bulletblack:Sen: *Rustling and thumping being heard from behind the doors* Where are the bandages... the herbs... did they take all my supplies too...?

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *sighs* I just can't let him alone in this state... I guess we really should help him. *enters*

:bulletblack:Sen: *Hearing the creaking of the doors and grabs sword* W-Who's there? I'm well trained in combat, I warn you!

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *came in after* ...Sen.. its us...

:bulletblack:Sen: Oh... *Sheathes sword* I'm sorry you have to see me like this... *Standing with unbuttoned PJ shirt with blood-stained bandages all over his arms and chest* ...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: .... ..... *no reaction about that* Its fine…

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *noticing Rein is his puppy, sighs* Hazu... can you help him with some herb mixture?...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ...The question is.. does he have any herbs..? *stares at Sen*

:bulletblack:Sen: *Looking around with opened cupboards* That's... what all the noise was about...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: .... ....I'll help look then *starts looking around too* Sorry.. for the intrusion.. have to make sure your fine before leaving you alone..

:bulletblack:Sen: Really. It's no trouble though I do not plan to die anytime soon... *Looking at Rein with a smile* Rein, Say hi to the nice wizard. Give him a nice kiss~

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *Still looking* Even though.. I'd still like to help... guild members look out for each other afterall.., right..?

:bulletblack:Sen: I apologize about that, she really gets excited about meeting strangers at times... She's an adorable pup though, right? *Attention back to Hazuki* O-of course, I still owe you for all the trouble though...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *wiping out puppy saliva from his ears* Yeah, she's quite.. adorabkakjshdgjagh--- *got on the ground, Rein over him*

:bulletblack:Sen: *laughs uncontrollably* You can tell she REALLY likes you...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *looked back watching Ryoga and Rein, laughing a bit* Haha.. how cute..

:bulletorange:Ryoga: I--- I'd rather help if I can.... *trying to get free himself from Rein's loving*

:bulletblack:Sen: *Whistles* Okay, down girl. Let the poor man up so he can breathe~ She can be a very loving girl...*cough* I couldn't imagine traveling without her

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: How I feel about Pororo.. although there are times I rather have him at home.. *looking for the herb again* Ah.. found one.. *shows Sen w/e herb this is* Mhmm.. I wonder if this is enough

:bulletblack:Sen: I don't recall having that herb around... I wonder if it's even safe to use... *looks at it skeptically* ...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ...Hmm.. *stares at the herb she found* ....It seems safe.. it looks like its for applying too.. after its crushed and mixed that is.. ...You sure you don't recall having this..?

:bulletorange:Ryoga: ....whatever, if she says it's good, then use it!... *wants to go home already*

:bulletblack:Sen: *Nods head* Wherever you found it must've been a miracle, it seems they took my supplies while I was away... whatever we can salvage, i suppose.

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ... ...haha.. hopefully they'll...they'll give you new supplies for that.. *Goes to mix the herb* ... .... *turn back at Sen* ..Take off your bandages.. I need to apply this on you..

:bulletorange:Ryoga: ............ *glad he actually came in*

:bulletblack:Sen: T-take off my bandages...???

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *Walked near him, holding the mixture* Yes, take off your bandages... How else am I gonna apply this..? Not over the bandages..thats for sure..

:bulletblack:Sen: A-alright but don't rush me to a doctor with all this damage on me or anything... *Slowly unwraps bloody and moist bandages, throwing them aside while writhing in light pain*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *silently watches the scene, then impatiently saying* Can't you hurry up a bit, or do you intend to do this the whole night long?.

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ... *look at his wound then back to the mixture, sighing* Well.. this should be enough for tonight.. So.. be sure to get lots of rest and herbs from the others tomorrow....k? *Starts applying it on him gently* Sorry.. this may sting a bit.. .... ..and :bulletorange:Ryoga.. if you wanna go home already.. you can go ahead without me...

:bulletorange:Ryoga: Sure, to leave you here in a bikini with a half-na.... ..... nevermind.... just hurry up....... *turns away head*

:bulletblack:Sen: Tch-- *Slightly shivers in pain* I-I'm alright... keep going...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: ...? *still applying* Ah--.. sorry Sen.. almost done...*Finished* There we go.. and here let me.. *take the bandages, and starts wrapping them back* K.. All done.. Now you just have to rest….,k?

:bulletblack:Sen: Can do.. *Lying down on bed* Can do...

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: Good.. *Put blanket over him* If I can I'll check up on you.. to see if your feeling any better.... Goodnight Sen..

:bulletblack:Sen: *Yawns and hugs Rein lightly* Nighty night... *Drops to sleeping state already*

:bulletyellow:Hazuki: *Walked to where Ryoga is, whispering* K.. we can go now... *lightly pushing Ryoga out, making sure she turned off the light before fully leaving him*

:bulletorange:Ryoga: *letting out a relieved sigh* Finally... I really miss my quiet library... I'm gonna close myself in and don't come out for a whole week...

....And thus, the lovely dates of four young people turned to a fierce PVP in the honeymoon island.... u_u But everything's well if it ends well, right?

Feyrin: :iconchiisai-saruchan:
Ryoga: :iconhuuxera:
Hazuki: :iconjanabanana1:
Sen: :iconsen-kasa:
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Eullie Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:la: Good ending! I love how they all got to interact with each other even if they were all limited by handcuffs.
Huuxera Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank youuuuu! :iconforeheadkissplz: It was awesome, though we managed to fully ruin eac other's date... XD
Eullie Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gut-Funk Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
Feyrin: *squeezes aster so hard it dies and tosses it aside*

I don't know why that line was so funny... XDDD
Huuxera Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah... that's an image every man has to see once in a date XD
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